Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rhubarb & Bush Beans

Today is one of those days where I want to do everything! Go to church, work in the community garden, go to the Harvard Square May Fair, go to the SOWA Art walk, finish my baby quilt, read book 3 of Hunger Games, finish the last Friday's episode of Fringe, watch Ferris Bueller with Mr. Bome,  go on a jog, take a nap, write a blog post, & do laundry..

Thus far, only 2.5 things from this list have been accomplished & I'm going to talk about one of them---the garden!  I will say.. that every time our community garden has a work day, I have the worst attitude about it.  "I don't feeeeeel like worrrrrking!  I just want to hang out with ya!"--I tell Brian.  But sure enough, every time I go, I find the work to be quite replenishing and rewarding.  It's great getting my hands dirty, using hefty tools, & being a tiny step closer to self-sustainability.  Today,  I planted a plot of Bush Beans & picked some very pretty rhubarb.  Hoping to make a tasty dessert with the rhubarb tomorrow. Any recipe suggestions?

If you've ever thought about growing plants, you should do it!!  Here is an article that I thought was very helpful and too-the-point about gardening. Check it out if you need some first-time-gardner advice! From the Geek-Mom website: How Does Your (First Time) Garden Grow.
Happy Sunday folks! 

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  1. Ooooo, how about a strawberry/rhubarb pie? With some vanilla ice cream on the side. That sounds delicious and your rhubarb looks lovely!