Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Non-Bearded Friends!

I intend to use this blog as an outlet for things that are inspirational or as a place to publish my own creative pursuits.  But, as of lately, I have not been creating much....except...... aaaaaaaaa BABY! On Feb 12, 2012, Mr. Owie arrived & has since been stirring our home with a lot of joy.  So instead of making woodblock prints in my spare time, I'm doing...well, baby stuff! Or as we like to say, "Bubsy stuff."  So, my point is, art has been on the side burner as of late. That's ok though; there is a time for everything!

But lucky for me, I have very talented friends who I can write about! Just yesterday, friend, Dave Jachimiak aired the website he has been working very hard on the last few months, called: A Better Queue. You must check it out!  And I don't even have to tell you to use it because you'll WANT to use it!  It will save you from wasting time searching for the perfect instant-play movie on Netflix.  Great job Diamond Dave! :)

Also, friend, Cara Pardo, has just started her venture of selling super cool vintage goods on Etsy at The Bearded Pig.  I was very happy to create the designs for her shop, & I sometimes wonder if I should be focusing more on graphic design/computer art rather than wood block prints.  Oh well. Worry about that later.  Anyways, The Bearded Pig is fantastic!  Great place to pick up some unique things for friends or for YOU! ALSO, more about Cara...she just got married last fall to a fine young man, Jon Pardo, & their wedding was featured on Etsy!  Bri & I were so glad that it was featured because Cara put a ton of work into her wedding; which definitely paid off because it was perfectly beautiful, but what an added bonus to get recognized by Etsy! Check out the article here & be inspired (especially all you future brides out there). 

AND, another friend, also in the Pardo family---Steve Pardo, is working on the music/sound for a video game, called 'Grimm Dawn'.  He along with his co-worker, Dan Crislip, started a kickstarter page, so all you PC Gamers out there, & non-pc gamers can help support. Check it out here! 


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  1. Thanks for sharing these gems! I really like the Bearded Pig banner and logo - you really are quite talented, m'dear.