Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things that were Awesome in 2009

it got us one year closer to the future
john locke died in the future
at least %50 of the main characters on Lost traveled to the future
scientists seriously discuss such subjects as dark energy
the Bills won the Superbowl in the future
da Bears won the Superbowl in the future
kurt russel is elected president 50 years ago
all people who didn't believe in the future were anhialated in the future by the future
Tomorowland at Epcot became Yesterdayville of the Future

The world was divided between two groups of people
one group that believed in the future
the other group did not
the group that believed in the future lived exclusively on water
the group that did not lived on the land
most of the people that lived on land, lived on the mountains in twelve sub-tribes
the twelve subtribes believed a prophecy that a red dragon would swell up and swallow the future into his belly
but when he tried to, the future gave him a terrible stomach ache and imploded from within him
causing his intestines to be sprayed all over the heavens
so some people say when you're staring at the stars, you're looking into the future
there's a song that says "when you wish upon a star"
but that's not entirely true
it should be called you "when wish upon a dragon intestines"
that's why 2009 is declared the year of the dragon of the future.

the end.

Brian Fitch
Bonnie Fitch
Dave Jachimiak

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