Tuesday, December 22, 2009

St Vincent

In general, I tend to find out about good music a little late. So forgive me, if you already know about St. Vincent! But she is new to me, and I really like her stuff. First off she looks like Olivia from Beetlejuice which wins her some points in my book. (i think tim burton would love her!) But more importantly, her music is like a family of futuristic, dark clouds, speeding to Earth for a beautiful confrontation with mankind! (Abstract I know!) Her lyrics are really beautiful too. So here is a link to one of her videos on youtube:
Song 1: Marrow
Song 2: Actor out of Work
Artist: St Vincent
Mood: Apocalyptic future rock ?


  1. But, WHO do you find out about music from?????

  2. YOU, my love!!
    (and kyle therriault)