Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Child's Play

Hi Folks! As I am currently beefing up my portfolio and credentials (with trying to get a job as an Art Teacher in the public schools come Fall), I have come across some wonderful art work created by some of my old students. I thought I would post them and share them with you here. Enjoy!
When students were done with their main project, they would always have a study piece to work on. In this case, the student was recreating a Van Gogh painting using colored pencils. I love this students free use of color.
I did this project with my 3rd graders. I read them some poems and showed them some images about mythological creatures. They then picked and engraved their mythological creature into their styrofoam plates (to make prints!). Students also had to add a line or shape pattern behind their creature.
Here is a wonderful self-portrait project example. Students were to create their self-portrait and then divide their face into different sections. Each section was to contain a mono-chromatic color.

Here is one of my Miami student's practice self-portraits. I love how naive his lines are. This piece reminds me a lot of a well known artist,Egon Schiele.
This final example is a project I did with my 2nd graders in Miami. They were to fold a large sheet of paper in four parts and then draw a design on one of those four parts. They then took a black oil pastel and drew over their penciled-in design. Then they rubbed the design onto the other three parts of the paper one at a time. The students were suppose to have a mirror image, and then paint in the rest of the piece with watercolor. A very cool project!


  1. Good luck on looking for a job as an art teacher! I miss it sometimes :) You are more passionate about it than I am. I love you Momma!

  2. Apes, did you make that painting (your thumbnail image)? I love it! It reminds me of Arthur Dove!

  3. I did make that painting! Its called Love birds. And here's something funny, I am currently reading God Meets Girl by Winner! I'll have to check out the other book too :)