Monday, December 21, 2009

Grey Havens

Here is the land of Grey Havens. It is a gentle land with soft singing and golden slumbers.
Honestly, I find this print is a bit boring; I was not able to spice it up with some crazy in-your-face colors.... Soooo, that's what you get! You get a gentle print that demands no more and no less, which is fine.

Please note, Im not extremely "into" everything I make. BUT, the process of getting better at one's craft demands time, patience, and lots and lots of different projects (some of which turn out to be a snore!)


  1. I don't think the print is boring!!!

    I like it's mellow tones.

    Ahhhh cam'on!

  2. Bonnie! Hello Friend!
    I also like the print. It's soothing to look at.