Friday, December 4, 2009

Fanfare Landscape Woodblock Prints

I took a different approach with these prints. Rather than planning out which colors I would use before starting the project, I "played it by ear" so to speak. I created the color scheme as a I went along, which sometimes works to my advantage--giving the artwork more freedom and "participation" in the process. I know it is weird, but it's true....sometimes the art tells me what to do or what colors to use. Perhaps similar to the musical lines, melodies, harmonies, or drum beats in a jazz composition. All of these different elements are working together to make something great. I feel the same way with my art (sometimes). I have to listen to the art, figure out where it wants to go, what it wants to create, etc. How abstract right!? Well, I attempted to have that conversation with these prints specifically with color. But I don't think I was listening very well. I think I would have hacked the reddish color and make the sky area less busy. Either way, here they are. I am semi-pleased with them.

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