Wednesday, December 2, 2009

With Thanks!

Inspired by my dear friend Megan, I am going to dedicate a post to what I am thankful for...

First, I'm thankful that God is helping me to understand His grace and compassion. Thankful that He is pointing out my sin and molding me until Christ comes back. Thankful that God has been teaching me that the gospel is practical and should be infused into every different part of my life.

Thankful for my bome-babe, Bribri. He aims to love me as Christ loves me. He makes me laugh, encourages me, watches Lost episodes with me, helps me see light when Im feeling dark, teaches me about love everyday, etc. I love living this life with him by my side. ( and l love drinking french press coffee with him!)

Thankful for this journey we have been on since Miami. We've moved three times within the past year and a half! Can u imagine!? We have met some awesome people a long the way, and have learned a lot about transitions, dependance on God, persevering, all that good stuff. Im thankful that Bri has a steady job right now allowing us to save and gear up for the 2nd phase of life!

Im thankful that I got to go to Italia this summer and hang out with some awesome Italians and eat the best food of my life! Im thankful that i got to go MI with my family and eat delicious corn and race Colin on the beach. Thankful that Jill and I did the sears tower! All in all, I am extremely blessed with wonderful family, and am so thankful for all the support and love from them.

Im thankful that we have a bigger apartment right now, allowing us to host with greater ease and set up a little printmaking studio for me to make the all famous wood-block prints!!

Im also thankful that we live right by Trader Joes and the Charles River and Miami friends and Heega Da. Thankful that we got to go to the CCEF conference this year. Thankful that we got to live in Park Slope, Brooklyn-right next to Prospect Park!

Thankful for the challenges God has placed b4 me- with making new friends, learning new cities, attending grad school, working in difficult job situations, and above all, TRUSTING in God's plan. (and when i say trust, I mean a walking trust- not just a head knowledge trust)

The end. Now, you go count your blessings.


  1. I'm so proud of you, Bon! You've had a lot of transitions and adjustments in the past few years and you've handled them with grace. P.S. Tony watches episodes of Lost with me, too! We're on the 2nd season now. :)

  2. YES!! We just finished the 2nd season, and are now onto the 3rd! Isn't is awesome and so addicting?? Sometimes, I even dream about the show!