Friday, January 13, 2012

End Result

So the end result of the curtain project turned out to be not what I expected at all & that's ok. The light blue Ikea curtain was dyed semi-successfully. I wanted a blue-green color and for the most part, I got that, with the addition of a brownish hint. Here it is:
After this, I thought, "Hey, how about I'll print the Lotta Jansdotter design on the match the pillow!" So I did & was sorely disappointed. :/ There was too much contrast for my liking & just seemed like too much!So today, I reluctantly continued to battle with it. I printed over the white ink with a light muddy blue-green color (to take down some contrast) & got this:And wouldn't ya know it, I likey!!! But not as a a tablecloth!! So the quest for the bome baby curtain continues. I think I'll avoid printing next time around. :)

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