Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sun Giant for Little Ones

Today, I experienced a sweet couple of minutes. I played one of my favorite songs for a group of 2, 3, and 4 year-olds. I was surprised to see how interested the children were in hearing one of my favorite songs. They all had wide eyes and were sitting very very still (this never happens).

I then played Sun Giant by the Fleet Foxes.

The children started to sway back and forth, still listening intently. Swaying never looked so sweet. I sang along with the song, and the kids tried to as well.

Hoping the children had a truly sacred experience with Sun Giant, I asked them if they liked it once the song ended. Three kids out of five said "NO!!" (the older kids).
The youngest two kids said "yes Miss Bonnie, I like the song".

I then let a couple of the kids scroll through my I-phone to pick a song that they wanted to hear (simply based off of album art work). One of my boys picked a colorful album, by First Aid Kit (a cute Swedish sister folk group):

I then let another child pick an album/song to listen to. She also picked a brightly colored album: Post by Bjork. We all danced to 'Army of Me' and I found the whole thing really funny and special.

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