Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Beauty of the Naive

Hi folks! Long time no write. Sorry!

So about a week ago or so, I came up with a smart idea to start making pictures WITH my students (rather than trying to sneak in a few minutes of Bonnie Art Time, while the kids are playing). So, every morning during free play, I draw a base of an image that suits my aesthetic (sometimes the kids help me with this part) and then we work together to color/paint it in. I'm telling you, some of these color combinations my kids come up with are simply brilliant!

And, side note, this is really cute: one of my students, Faris, is from Somalia and is going to Kindergarden this fall. (He is very very silly, the class clown, yet also shy, and loves toilet jokes). Anyways, everyday, I ask Faris if he wants to color with me, and everyday, he says "yes, Miss Bonnie" (or sometimes "Yes Miss Bilboe" or "Yes Miss Binny").

I think he really likes his one on one time with Miss Bonnie! Who wouldn't right?!!!?? jj. Ta ta for now friends! Check out the images below.


  1. Cool! It's like if Basquait did pastels and lighter colors.

  2. I know *I* like my one-on-one time with Bonnie! Oh, wait a minute. I don't think we've ever had one-on-one time! Maybe if I called you Miss Bilboe or Miss Binny. The drawings are awesome! Very cool idea. Thanks for posting.

  3. what the.
    how much for this collection, please?

  4. woah! these are awesome! and what a creative idea, Miss Bonnie! I love #4!!!! and the rest of them.

    You are such a treasure, Bon