Saturday, April 17, 2010

God help me use the hours!

A PERFECT day! I tried to hold it fast;
To make each hour my own, and sip its sweets,
As if it were a flower, and I its bee.
No one should come between me and my joy,
My will should rule my actions for one day.
Ah. yes! it slipped away, its secret kept,
And hid from me behind the sunset clouds.

Another day: "God help me use the hours!"
I said, "And let Thy will be done, not mine."
I watched if might by some one needed help,
If I might speak a word of cheer, or give
A hand, or even softly step where wounds
Were aching. day of sweet revealing ! when
It passed, it left its perfume in my heart
~by MF Butts

One thing I am learning right now is to not strive for happiness, but only for Jesus. And also to realize that my suffering, whatever it may be, is a gift from God, refining me. So on those harder days, I can either become more bitter and/or passive..... or fully embrace the love and acceptance of Jesus Christ, knowing that there is nothing I could do (good or bad) to change how perfectly God loves me. I am always safe in His arms. Knowing this, we can face anything.

ps: On my walk home from the subway today, the sun peeked out amongst a rain shower. It was beautiful.

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