Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Help for Haiti

Hi all! I am really honored to be part of a 7" record project that benefits the recent disaster in Haiti. A distant friend, Paul Karner, has been teaching at music schools in Haiti for the last 4 summers, and the 2 schools he has been teaching at were destroyed in the earthquake leaving all the students without instruments. The goal with the 7" record project is to raise money to replace all the instruments and eventually help with the reconstruction of the buildings. Paul will be returning to Haiti soon with the hope of overseeing the distribution of instruments and to restart the musical education of the young kids who really need music to help heal from the disaster

To rebuild the schools, Common Cloud Records ( and The Carrefour Collaborative ( have teamed up to raise money by selling records! The first series of records will have a song by Ragged Claws and Mike Noyce of Bon Iver. And guess what!? Each record comes with a home-made art print! So that is where I come in...I am in the process of creating between 45-50 art prints for the records!

There is a website up with all the details of the project and how the proceeds will be used. Maybe you want to buy a record???!
Check it out here:

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