Friday, June 5, 2009

Old Book Covers

I am known to get overly "into" things. Such as, one time, I really wanted to play the harp. So I bought a beginner harp, had one lesson, and eventually sold it. Another time, I really wanted to work on a farm for a summer in Europe. So I spent hours on the internet looking into different programs. One last thing I will say that I can get overly "into" are vintage books/covers.

About a week ago, a couple of friends and I found a used book store packed to books to the ceiling! The musty book smell was surely present! Anywho, we found a 1959 edition of The Screwtape Letters. The artist of the cover is Jacob Landau who was actually a professor at Pratt back in the day. Jacob Landau was an "artist whose works explored the basic themes of human existence and morality with an insight that was both passionate and indignant."

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