Saturday, September 27, 2008

Terrible Twos, but not Really so Terrible.

I started working at the Y about a month ago.  I am now the Group Supervisor of a class of eleven two-year-olds.  They are quite the terrible at times, let me tell you!  Although my patience gets tested frequently,  they do many beautiful things that I want to share here. 

One thing that most ALL of my kids do is consistently bring up their "mommy" all day, every day!  "Mommy comin," they say.  "Mommy is coming soon," I say.  "Mommy comin soon," they reply back.  They love their moms so much! I find it to be so terribly cute and also a nice comparison to how we should be relating to our heavenly Father...all day, every day!

Another thing I have realized is how dependent these kids are on me.  They literally need me to teach them how to glue, to change their diapers, help them wash their hands, etc.  Just the other day, we were making hand prints for art time.  Little Nathan (I call him Nater) dipped his hand in the paint, and when he went to make the print, he smeared his hand all over the paper...thus, no print!  I think it is so beautiful to see a children learn.  Although Nater had no clue what was going on with the goal of the hand-print, he could not resist that squishy paint texture.  
And to think, of where I am now--or many of my friends.  We are in college, grad-school, continuing to learn.  It is so amazing to see how far we have come.  We used to be like Nater, learning about paint for the first time!

The last crazy thing I have seen is the drastic difference between baby personalities.  It is true that much of our personalities have been continuously molded through the environments in which we were raised, but how truly incredible it is that one infant likes to be around the "big" kids and another infant does not.  One two year is timid and another is the party of the pack.  

Personality starts within the womb- this I am convinced of.  When I am pregnant, I will try to hook my baby up with lots of cool sounds- pretty music, ocean, rain, daddy and mommy, etc. 

So those are a few thoughts on my sweet kids so far.  

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  1. I'm hearing a hint of a desire to start having babies! Could your day be coming soon?? :)