Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God Answers Prayer in His Time

Hi!  It has been a while since I have blogged, so I officially welcome myself back!  Welcome Bonnie!  Well, Brian and I are now living and somewhat settled in Jenkintown, PA.  Jenkintown is about 30 minutes north of Philadelphia.  Like most cities, it is a city in need!  (which is why we feel so guilty about living in the suburbs!)  But for one reason or another, God brought us to this lovely apartment complex that is pretty much in the land of Narnia.  We are about 5 minutes from Westminster and maybe 2 minutes from the YMCA (which is where I will be working).  

This past week, I started to loose hope with my job search.  Will ANYONE hire me??  Will any job actually fit my criteria?!  I was really full of myself and my loss of hope, until Brian asked to pray with me.  We prayed.  God gave me hope and peace.  (It is so wonderful to have a husband who loves the Lord!)  

Perhaps two days later (today), I got the Group Supervisor position at the YMCA.  ANSWER TO PRAYER!!  I will be working with two year olds!  This job fits my criteria quite perfectly though.  It pays decently, it is super dooper close to home (I'm excited to ride my bike to work!), it give us health/dental insurance, and it will not take up my time in the evenings.  

You see, I need my evenings free because I will be starting an MA degree in Biblical Counseling by taking night classes part time.  I found out I was accepted today!  When I read the email that said I got accepted, I cried.  I think a big part of me thought/thinks that I am not good/smart enough to go to Seminary.  But God is giving me an amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful.  I feel really blessed that God has chosen Bri and I to get more schooling in Christian teachings.  I sure as heck need it!  But if anyone reads this blog, please pray for me.  I want this schooling to be about God's kingdom, and NOT about the two letters: MA on my resume.  

I will be getting a degree in Biblical Counseling.  Yesterday, I was looking into certification for counseling.  I came across some stats and rough estimations of the need of counselors in the future.  This one website said that the need for rehab, substance abuse, and relationship counseling will go up about 34% by the year 2013.  Whereas, school counselors will mostly stay the same.  So, it seems like God could be bringing me to a different field of working.  And the good news is, is that I am actually excited about it! 

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