Sunday, May 11, 2008

Interactions between Natural Things

I am natural. 
So are trees.

The bible says that in the end- not only will we be renew
ed, but also the earth!  How wonderful!  Can you imagine it?  I don't know how to imagine it really.  I know that animals only ate veggies before the fall.  I know that gardening for Adam/Eve was not strenuous work as it may be now.  

So, to think of a place- an earth- where things are thriving, alive, brilliant, and peaceful is hard to imagine.  I like to imagine Mt. Everest saying hello to the cloud hanging around next to it (talking in its mountain language of course!) (might sound something like the language of the trees in LOTR).  

Any ways, I am trying to connect natural things to other nat
ural things in my latest paintings.  Mostly mountains with clouds.  They are not just co-existing but they are acknowledging each other, like they have met for the first time.  They are observing each other and perhaps falling in love.  Who knows!  

Here is an example of one of my latest paintings:  

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  1. Ahhh...I love this perspective and how you make me think about things that I never would have considered before!