Monday, May 12, 2008

Buckle my Buckley!

Grace, Live, by Jeff Buckley
Bri and I just watched a video of Jeff Buckley performing live.  If you have never seen him perform, you should.  Go to the link above and take a few min's to watch.  Now, not every musician has what Jeff Buckley has.  Jeff Buckely takes his voice to another far away realm where existing is beautiful yet terrifying.  Sometimes, (when watching his performances) I think he might be possessed.  He not only sings the song, but he enters into the song.  And that is what I love.   He created/creates sacred experiences.
Of course, there are multiple different ways to go about creating with the sacred in mind.   Another example of that which is sacred (to me) is Edward Sizz
orhands, directed by Tim Burton.  The human experiences and emotions that Edward has though out the movie are reality for us all:  loneliness, fear of the "outside" world, desire for companionship/love/beauty, confus
ion with our place in the world, using our gifts, etc.  Tim Burton uses Edward Sizzorhands to touch on the human experience...and does it perfectly!  
I have to go to bed.       

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