Monday, December 30, 2013

End of Year Art

As usual, the holiday season ended up being super busy.  With Thanksgiving late in November, the few weeks before Christmas flew by! Those few weeks did involve some art making which I will post here.  It also involved a Swedish Smorgasborg, which takes more time to prepare than most art pieces I make! Wish I had a pic of the meatballs, but you'll have to use your imagination.  Also, the few weeks before Christmas included an actual Christmas song, produced by my talented husband, for our once-a-year band, Fort Wonder.  This year we did a Sam Phillips song which you can hear at the link below.

Don't I have an amazing brother?  He has made it possible for novices like me to (help) make music! Thank you, Tim for collecting the songs and making something creative happen. This is the album art I made for this year's collection of songs. Tim is pretty easy to make album art for.  He has very distinct interests like wolves, creatures, biking, crop circles, Big Trouble in LC, and much more.  Listen to Tim's stellar creation, "I Saw Three Ships," under the name, Surrounded by Werewolves. Bubsy likes to dance to it.
Food for the Beloved Christmas album 2013

The rest of the images were for the album art of Opal Puckett, an awesome local folk band whom our dear friends play in (the entire Pardo clan).  They ended up choosing the first image for their cd and our amazingly talented friend, Allie Runnion, created the logo and made it way better! She is GOOD!!

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