Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brightly from a Seed

Some dear friends gave me these teeny tiny canvases for my recent birthday and I was so intrigued with the size that I had to start working on them asap.  I have twelve of these little guys near completion and will be posting the rest of them soon.  The only thing left to do, is to varnish them with some shine!


God gave to me a seed
Out of His garden, for my plot of earth;
Something He told me of its priceless worth, 
That I might tend and feed;
Yet, when it grew, I counted it a weed. 

I left if for the sky
To nourish, or the night-frost to destroy;
Its sprouting for a moment gave me joy;
But soon I passed it by, ----
The plant that God had given, I let it die.

I know the beauty now
That would have grown up brightly from my seed;
And if my tears my perished flower could feed,
It soon would grow, I trow.
I cannot make it live; my God, wilt Thou?

Sunday Magazine

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