Sunday, May 22, 2011

If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything!

I woke up this morning ready to make the tablecloth that I have been meaning to make for about a week now. (Making a tablecloth is a decently easy process...all you have to do is cut the fabric to the appropriate size and then hem the edges.) I got the fabric ready and then headed to our junk closet to pull out my good ole sewing machine. And wouldn't you know it, after two years of sitting in a garbage bag, and going through three was broken! BOOSH!

So I thought, what if try to fix it????!!! Could I do it? Is it possible?? WHAT IF?? And guess what?? After about five hours of monkeying around, duck tape, and crazy glue, it was fixed!! I am thrilled!!!!!!!!

I finished off the night by hemming my tablecloth and now it is complete! Here are some pics from today's challenge! So in the end, never forget the wise words of Marty McFly, "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything." Thanks Marty.

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  1. I am so proud of you Bomdia!!!!!!!!!!!