Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi all,

I finished these prints last Saturday around midnight, and let me tell you, I wasn't in the mood to do them at all! What I really wanted to do was write stupid/silly songs on garage band! But I was determined to do them, and I did. SO THERE! You're welcome, Bon Amore!

And as for the process, I had a strangely dreadful time printing a nice even layer of ink onto each piece of paper, and therefore had to use a lot of thumb power to press the ink on! (the joys of hand printing :) I also wish I used a lighter color for the background color; It feels a little bit too 'Transformers/ Bumblebee' to me. I also wish that I used more differentiating yellows. Well, OH WELL! Here they are, flaws and all! Enjoy and FYI: Bon Amore is hoping to complete another set of prints this week. Hopefully on a possible snow day! (fingers crossed)

ps: Better pics to come soon. A friend has my SLR camera; once I get it back, I'll post better pics.


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