Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few Things

1. The Food for Beloved Christmas album is done! Check out the FFB blog HERE and you can listen to the album HERE. The christmas album features Surrounded by Werewolves, Conrad Spencer, Joe Son, Food for the Saints, Grant Dawson and more! So check it out!

2. Point 1 has much to do with point 2 because one of the songs on the FFB Christmas album was made by Brian, Steve Pardo, Jon Estes, and myself! So it looks like Bri and I kinda started a band! We are called Ft. Wonder! Bri thought of the name really quick this morning. On the album, our song is the Elvis cover, "Blue Christmas".

3. Final point is that I am about to start another wood block print after a two week hiatus of graphic design projects. So maybe I can have these woodblocks posted by late Wednesday or Thursday. We will see!

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