Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dumbo Art Exhibit

Wow. Went to a magical exhibit last night in Dumbo. We saw an installation piece by Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen. Their art, "The Experience of Green", at the DAC Gallery, consisted of a labyrinth of red trees. Some of the trees had "caves" in which you could enter and chill with the hanging vines or the dark shadows. The artists created the whole installation piece with red tissue paper too. Nothing else. Can you imagine all that tissue paper they must have used! I love it when artists use such simple and minimal materials, and are still able to create something extraordinary.

For me, this piece evoked an eerie yet magical feeling. I felt very small next to these grand forms. (Perhaps similar to how one would feel next to a red wood tree or that terrifying tree in the movie Sleepy Hollow). These tree forms came to life! They were very melodic yet fragile (being made out of paper). I would not be surprised to see them come to life at night when all the New Yorkers have gone home! Also, although the installation piece is entitled "The Experience of Green", there is absolutely NO green in the exhibit! Perhaps the artist is asking the viewer to appreciate the green of the natural world. When the green is taken away (and in this case, replaced with red), the viewer is left with a perhaps spooky and more tense experience. Let's appreciate the earth around us. It is God's gift! Here are some pics.

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