Sunday, August 16, 2009

Highlights at the MOMA

Here was an installation piece that consisted of lots and lots of JUNK!! Song Dong, the artist, is from Beijing, and got the idea for the art piece from his mom. All the junk in this installation comes from his mom's home! She accumulated whatever she could for over fifty years when the Chinese concept of "waste not," was a prerequisite for survival. There are pots, basins, blankets, oil flasks, and legless dolls. Together, they form a miniature cityscape that viewers can navigate around and through.

Here is a sweet art piece. It consists of lots and lots and lots of tiny circles glued onto the paper. Sorry, but forget who the artist is.

Here was a really neat performance work! Slovakian artist Roman Ondák, had museum visitors write their name and height measurement on the wall! Visually stimulating!

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