Tuesday, November 25, 2008

lazy girl or kingly girl

What is it about getting tasks done that is so hard! Why do I not like getting stuff (like the coffee mug I left in the car), or do the big pile of laundry that is sitting in the bedroom! So right now, I am writing a paper for Biblical Theology class...well, I am actually not...I am writing this blog entry! So this blog is an example of my laziness! Let me display it to the world!

I hope to grow in finding pleasure in Christ (rather than being lazy). It is way more natural for me to take a break from homework with an SNL skit rather than a talk with God. Has my prayer life become a before-we-eat-dinner thing to do?

I love what Professor Greene says though: We believers are kingly since we are IN CHRIST! We are saints who sin. I need to rejoice more in the fact that Jesus lived, died, and was raised for all this sin that crouches at my door! Rejoice! Rejoice! I am too easily focused on myself and my total depravity. Greene said that Christians are called to be attractive to the world. And I am pretty sure rejoicing in the Lord is more attractive that sitting in total depravity! (not that being aware of our total depravity is bad~it is a good thing~it shows that we NEED Christ!! That is Good)

Also, maybe a little off topic, but the phrase "love takes courage" has been popping up in my mind lately. I heard this phrase said at the CCEF conference, and it stuck with me. Love always takes on this 'being nice' mentality. And the whole 'being nice' thing is really a fear of man, which I struggle with! I want people to think I am cool, smart, and nice...which has nothing to do with God-and all to do with how I look on this Earth. My prayer is to grow in loving people with courage. To me, this means being honest-giving people Christ rather than my "awesome" self--

But like I said earlier---although I am TOTALLY depraved___I am a queen in Christ's eyes! All that sin I just mentioned has been atoned for with Christ! Thank you God for your forgiveness!


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  1. Oh, Bon...your honesty and humility is a good reminder to me. Also, I love what you said about how love takes courage... One of these days when we both have a spare hour, I want to call you - there's so much going on that I would love to get my Bon Bon's opinion about... Can we set up a phone date???