Monday, June 30, 2008


Tomorrow morn, Bri and I will be heading North for Philadelphia.  I wanted to take this time to talk about my dear friends from Miami-people who have impacted my life in huge ways-people I love and cherish. 

Bri and I have had the pleasure of having another young married creative and Christian couple to go through life with down here.  They are the Pardo's.  Amy and Steve that is.  We have know Steve since high school, and we met Amy through the University of Miami.  I can write about all the things they do, like-Amy plays the flute and Steve plays the sax...but I want to try to explain their spirit to you.  Their beauty.  Amy once told me a story that I loved so much.  She told me that she had seen a poor woman walking on the street outside her apartment building.  Amy saw the old lady from her car and thought to herself, "That woman needs an apple."  She went inside her apartment got an apple, and sad to say when she returned the poor woman was no longer there.  But just the fact that Amy wanted to go out of her way to give a stranger an apple, I find to be more beautiful than words can express.  I also love how Amy chose an apple out of all the foods-not Doritos or chocolate-She wanted to pass a long a nourishing apple.  I could talk way more about this special girl, like how she has an amazing album out, or how she has a child-like spirit, or how funny she is, and how her dance moves are fabulous...the list goes on.  

Amy is married to Mr. Steve Pardo. Let me think of a Steve story.  Hmmm. Steve just had a concert at University of Miami for his recent CD that he just released (which is amazing).   He was up on stage giving thank yous when he got to one of his professor's...Professor Lindsey (I think).  As Steve was thanking this particular professor, he referred to the professor as his lord, but quickly took that back because "that sounds bad", and replaced it with saying that Prof. Lindsey was his best friend.  I was laughing so hard!  And that is one of the things I love about Steve most--his humor.  I find him to be really funny.  Sometimes he says things really abruptly.  Like if he would see me somewhere unexpected, he'd say my name as if a tennis ball just got released from a really skinny tube, "BONnie!"  Steve is also really into technology, which I love because Brian has a technology buddy.  Steve is very caring, patient, very accepting, creative, good listener and the list goes on.    

The last friend I will speak of in this entry is Ms. Stefanie Smith.  When I first met Stef, I didn't know that we would be such great friends later on.  One of my favorite things about Stefanie is her heart.  She is a loving servant to everyone around her.  Constantly seeing how she can help out, or what she can bring, or what she can get for you.  Through her actions, I was continuously challenged by her humility and love.  Another superpower of Stef's, is how she will remember anything you tell her.  Stef would always catch me by surprise because she would recall all these tid bits of information about my life, that I barely remember!!  I don't know how she does it!   The other thing I will say about Stef is that she is so witty!  I love love love seeing her up on stage, whether it be at a gig or at the girl party, and watching her run the show.  She cracks me up each time!  She is a beautiful beautiful person.  

I am so thankful as to having met these people (and many more).  I learned a lot from them, and thank God for them.  I will cherish our memories, and look forward to more memories in the future.  May God continue to guide and direct us all as we live for Him.     

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