Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just a Glimpse.

Well, Bri left me for the evening to go hang out with his bro, leaving me with art time!  And I must say, that I a feeling good!  I listened to Paul Simon and completed three little paintings.  They are now speed drying in front of the a.c.  

I am hanging some art up at church tomorrow, which I am happy to do.  What would make me even more happy is if people buy my paintings! ha.  Yes!!!  In the ultimate reality though, I hope that my pieces can give viewers a glimpse at the beauty of God.  Just a glimpse. Nothing huge.  It would delight me, if viewers could just get a glimpse. 

Can you imagine that day, when we can see and experience God beyond our earthly glimpses??  May our hearts long for such times!

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